Association Marketing Automation

HubSpot Demonstration

Sam Daniel
Chris Gloede

Thursday, June 30
1-2 PM ET

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What's in the Demonstration?

Everything you need to know about HubSpot

Top Features

From Canva design tools to email frequency caps to 24/7 help desk chat, you'll see the features associations like the most used to create a real campaign.

AMS Integration

Working with your live AMS data is crucial for marketing success, and you'll learn how associations connect the ten categories of AMS data marketers use to power personalized multichannel campaigns. 

Software Fees

Straight-forward pricing based on your database size plus a non-profit discount makes HubSpot affordable for most organizations.  Learn how much HubSpot will cost for you.

Marketing Challenges

Solving marketing problems you face every day

Hear stories collected from association marketers about the challenges they face meeting the campaign expectations of their leaders and senior executives. From over-emailing to wasteful online ad spends, you’ll understand and sympathize with these common problems.

Meet Jane

Email Evolution

Jane will explain how her association sent too many emails even though open and click rates are declining. HubSpot offers powerful email content personalization, recipient email frequency caps, and world-class deliverability scores.

Meet Jasmin

Social Solutions

Jasmin will share her challenges managing dozens of profiles for her association and its departments, chapters, and committees. HubSpot can manage thousands of posts a month and uses A.I. to monitor comments and alert you about issues.

Meet Juan

Ad Advancement

Juan will tell you about his challenge using limited funds to serve online web and social ads. HubSpot manages ad audiences in real-time and stops targeting as soon as someone completes a transaction.

Meet Jin

Campaign Coordination

Jin will relate his struggles to manage eight marketing systems that deliver messages through email, social, banner ads, and texts. HubSpot puts all the system controls in one place and consolidates all the campaign metrics onto one automatic report.

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